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Why Trades & Landscapers Choose Musturf

We promise to provide the very best service to our customers; and to yours!

Our turf is grown on our own farms which means we control the quality, and we ensure only the highest quality is supplied to our customers.

We also offer the best in lawn care products, trialled and tested by our team.

So whether your client wants to green up their space, or you just need a little advice, you can rely on us here at Musturf.


Trades & Landscapes Lawn Services

Freshly Harvested Daily

Turf Supply | Freshly Harvested Turf Every Day

Small Rolls

Turf Supply & Delivery | Small Turf Rolls

Maxi Rolls

Turf Supply & Delivery | Maxi Turf Rolls

Pallet-Free Delivery

Turf Delivery Service - Pallet-Free


Turf Installation Services

On-Time Deliveries

Turf Delivery Service | On-Time Turf Delivery Service

Fresh Turf Supply

Small rolls, maxi rolls, or even turf in the Bullseye system: we'll supply it to you how you need it. We grow and supply a range of the highest quality grass varieties suited to every need, every location and every budget. All our turf comes with an LSA 10-year product warranty and is AUSGAP approved.

Turf Delivery

We know each lawn comes with its own unique needs; like its environment and landscape, foot-traffic, purpose it will serve, deadlines, and, of course, your own customers. Our staff are trained and experienced in all turf care needs and customer service, and understand the demands of a landscaping job. We can be as visible or invisible as your job requires, and we're always professional and courteous.

Turf Installation

We can help by doing the turf installation for you! Big jobs, small jobs, difficult jobs. We've got you covered!

"All your landscaping lawn needs covered here!"
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Request a lawn quote

Thinking of a Musturf landscape job? Tell us what you're looking for and we'll get you back to you in no time!


Related Services

Turf & Lawn Supply

We grow and supply a range of the best grasses suited for every area and every budget. All our turf is AusGAP Certified and comes with an LSA 10-year nationwide product warranty.

Turf & Lawn Installation

Laying turf is a laborious art, but we love it! To help you make the most out of your investment we can lay your turf, clean up afterwards, and leave you with easy after-care instructions.

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