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TifTuf Bermuda Grass

Genetically Engineered Excellence.

The highest performing grass out of 27,700 experimental Bermuda grasses!

TifTuf Features

Drought Resistance

TifTuf Bermuda Grass Drought Resistance

Wear Tolerance

TifTuf Bermuda Grass Wear Tolerance


TifTuf Bermuda Grass Leaf

TifTuf Bermuda Grass

Shade Tolerance

TifTuf Bermuda Grass Shade Tolerance

Maintenance Required

TifTuf Bermuda Grass Maintenance Required


TifTuf Bermuda Grass Cost

Science Meets Nature

TifTuf Bermuda comes from 25 years of R&D through one of the world's leading turf grass breeders, The University of Georgia. It was selected as the best, highest drought-tolerant grass out of 27,700 other experimental bermuda varieties being bred.

Winter Green

Its soft, fine leaves are an amazing dark green, and offer an incredible colour even over winter and spring. Its adaptability and great qualities like its winter green makes TifTuf a great choice for any proud Aussie lawn lover's project.

10-Year Product Warranty

With every purchase of TifTuf through Musturf, you're issued with a Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) Product Warranty Certificate and will be covered by LSA's nationwide warranty.

Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) 10 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What colour does TifTuf produce?

A beautiful dark green colour that holds incredibly well over winter and spring.


Want to see for yourself? Why not book a visit to our turf farm?!



Can you describe its leaf blades?

TifTuf grows a beautiful, soft, fine leaf blade with a dense growth that makes it a soft delight to play on!

How quickly does TifTuf grow?

TifTuf is a slow grower, cutting down on mowing and maintenance time.

How much time will it take to maintain my TifTuf?

A lot less maintenance is required than with most other common lawn varieties. Less mowing due to its slow growth; less water due to its drought tolerance; self-repairing; weed and pest resistant. That means less time on maintenance, more time enjoying it!

How often should I mow my TifTuf lawn?

Less mowing is required than most other common turf varieties because of its slow rate of growth. You may even get away with one mow throughout winter, though of course a little more mowing is required in the warmer months as it begins to grow faster in the warmth and sunlight.


As a comparison, TifTuf requires less mowing than Nullarbor Couch, but more mows that Sir Grange Zoysia and Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo.

How often should I fertilise my TifTuf grass?

We recommend fertilising your lawn at the beginning of each season.

What about damage and invasions like weeds and pests?

You can sit back and relax with a TifTuf lawn because it's self repairing, weed resistant and insect resistant!

We have pets and kids, and parties on our lawn. Will this ruin our TifTuf?

The usual care should be taken with impurities like pet urine, however TifTuf is one of the highest performing grasses in high wear conditions. It's also self-repairing, so you can play on your TifTuf until those cows come home!

Our lawn has a lot of shade. Will this lower the quality of our TifTuf?

TifTuf has a good shade tolerance (about 50%), requiring an average of four hours of direct sunlight a day. If your lawn sees less sunlight than that, we suggest looking at Sir Grange Zoysia or Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo.

My area has no shade - it's full sun. Will this burn or ruin my TifTuf?

Nope, TifTuf loves the sun!

We have extreme temperatures. How will my TifTuf cope?

Don't worry, TifTuf tolerates a wide variety of temperatures.

We're in a really dry area. Will my TifTuf thrive without much water?

Yes! TifTuf has a very high drought tolerance, requiring about 38% less water than other common turf varieties. It's a great choice for our Australian climate.

Is it suitable to my area / project?

If your area sees a little sun (or more) and you're looking for a grass that's strong with amazing features including year-round colour, TifTuf is an ideal choice to consider.

What will TifTuf cost me?

TifTuf is a high-quality, high-performing turf at an affordable price.


Obligation-free, of course!

What is the 10-year warranty and 100% purity assurance about?

AusGAP Certified & LSA Accredited Grower 

Musturf is a fully accredited turf supplier through AusGAP Certified and a fully accredited turf supplier with Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA).


With every purchase of TifTuf through Musturf, you're issued with an LSA Product Warranty Certificate and will be covered by LSA's nationwide warranty. This means you can be sure your TifTuf:

  • is genuine, 100% genetically pure TifTuf Bermuda grass;
  • has been grown and harvested to strict Australian standards;
  • has been freshly cut off the turf farm;
  • has been inspected on harvest;
  • has been determined to be weed-free;
  • has been determined to be disease-free;
  • will perform to its full potential in its new environment*.

* subject to installation and care conditions.



How TifTuf Compares

TifTuf Bermuda Grass 

TifTuf Bermuda Grass Properties


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