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Sir Grange Zoysia Grass

The Finer Choice.

America's number 1 selling Zoysia grass. Tested in & loved by our Aussie environment!

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Australia demands a lot from those that choose to grow grass. Our climate is particularly testing and will really determine the strength and endurance of any newcomer that hopes to make a very real and lasting impression on the market.

Sir Grange Turf Direct to Sydney

Direct sunlight, shade, wear and tear, ability to tolerate heat, resist weeds and pests and, of course, require little to no fertilisation are the boxes that any grass will be tested against.

The good news is, here at Musturf, we now supply Sir Grange turf to Sydney. This is the grass variety that has exceeded and is a worthy challenger of Sir Walter turf, given its incredible properties and the level of exceptional resilience it delivers.

Those that hope to acquire this premium range grass will be pleased to learn that our team grows it locally and harvests it to meet the demands of our customer base. We are accredited turf growers, an accredited LSA centre and are AusGAP certified.

As such, when you choose us as your supplier or installer you can expect to receive the best turf, lawn installation and lawn-care service, that is backed by the best of lawn-care products as well as incredible after-care service and advice.

Sir Grange Turf - A Rival to the Title of Australia’s Best

At Musturf, we have Sir Grange turf Sydney can depend on to arrive promptly once harvested, and for those that place orders prior to midday, we can even deliver as soon as the next day. Our goal is to reduce the risk of turf dying off before it is laid and if you are in a particular rush, or wish to handle the process from the point of buying to delivering it to your property yourself, then pick up is possible from our farm.

The enthusiasm and excitement that goes with this wonderful grass are understandable. Its deep green colour and softness make it the perfect addition to any family home. And, for those that like to indulge their bare feet from time to time, it is a luxurious option to walk through.

However, where Sir Grange really earns its stripes is in terms of its exceptional levels of tolerance to drought, shade and how well it resists wear and tear.

It is more and more frequently being seen on golf courses around the world for these reasons alone, and any time you drive by a home that has a particularly eye-catching lawn, there’s a strong possibility that you’re appreciating the beauty of Sir Grange.

In terms of care and maintenance, the good news is that it does not require that much water, with some studies showing that it needs less than Sir Walter Buffalo. And, even in warm dry climates and challenging heat, it will maintain its luscious deep colour. 

Try our Sir Grange Turf today

Here at Musturf, we are big fans of this grass and those seeking out Sir Grange turf in Sydney will be further assured of our dedication and confidence in the turf that we supply given that it is backed with a 10-year LSA product warranty. We grow all of the turfs that we supply on our own farm and our family values approach to this business ensures that we adhere to the highest standards for our customers.

With over 250 satisfied customers on our books since 2018, choosing Musturf affords you a level of professionalism and expertise gained over 17 years in this industry, which is unrivalled in terms of its focus on helping you to choose the perfect products for your project.

Get in touch today for a free quote and let’s make your world a little greener.

Musturf is Sydney's premier turf & grass supplies provider. We provide Stadium Turf, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, Kikuyu grass, Couch grass, Tiftuf grass, just to name a few! We service the Central Coast, Windsor, Newcastle, Wollongong, Hunter Valley and many more locations across NSW.

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Sir Grange Features

Drought Resistance

Sir Grange Zoysia Grass Drought Resistance

Wear Tolerance

Sir Grange Zoysia Grass Wear Tolerance


Sir Grange Zoysia Grass Leaf

Sir Grange Zoysia Grass

Shade Tolerance

Sir Grange Zoysia Grass Shade Tolerance

Maintenance Required

Sir Grange Zoysia Grass Maintenance Required


Sir Grange Zoysia Grass Cost

Field of Dreams

Sir Grange Zoysia is a highly successful lawn hand chosen from over 10,000 varieties of turf through rigorous R&D and testing by Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA).

Delicate & Strong

Its fine, soft, deep green leaf looks and feels delicate, yet Sir Grange is our most robust grass. Because of its adaptability, beauty, and other superior qualities, it makes an ideal choice for homes, nature strips, golf courses and recreational areas.

10-Year Product Warranty

With every purchase of Sir Grange through Musturf, you're issued with a Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) Product Warranty Certificate and will be covered by LSA's nationwide warranty.

Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) 10 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What colour does Sir Grange produce?

An amazing dark green - you have to see it to believe it!


Want to see for yourself? Why not book a visit to our turf farm?!



Can you describe its leaf blades?

Sir Grange grows a beautiful, soft, fine leaf blade giving off a delicate look that's soft to touch yet is robust on wear.

How quickly does Sir Grange grow?

Sir Grange has been purposefully designed to grow slowly, cutting down on mowing and maintenance time.

How much time will it take to maintain my Sir Grange?

A lot less maintenance is required than with most other common lawn varieties. Less mowing, less fertiliser, less water, self-repairing, weed and pest resistant. All these qualities means less time maintaining your lawn and more time enjoying it!

How often should I mow my Sir Grange lawn?

Because it grows slowly, as much as 50% less mowing is required than most other common turf varieties! It can be mowed at a wide range of heights so in its healthy condition, how often you mow depends on how long you like your grass. There's also minimal damage if it the grass is scalped for any reason.

How often should I fertilise my Sir Grange grass?

Sir Grange requires 75% less fertiliser than other common turf varieties. We recommend fertilising Sir Grange once every year in mid-late autumn.

What about damage and invasions like weeds and pests?

You can sit back and relax because Sir Grange is self repairing, weed resistant and insect resistant.

We have pets and kids, and parties on our lawn. Will this ruin our Sir Grange?

While the usual care should be taken with pet urine and other impurities, Sir Grange is one of the highest performing grasses in high wear conditions. It's also self-repairing, so you can play on your Sir Grange until your heart's content!

Our lawn has a lot of shade. Will this lower the quality of our Sir Grange?

It's unlikely; Sir Grange has a very high shade tolerance and only requires an average of three hours of direct sunlight a day. If you have buildings or trees creating shade, a Sir Grange lawn is perfect for your area. If you have garden furniture creating shade, move it around from time to time to ensure a little sun can get to all of it.

My area has no shade - it's full sun. Will this burn or ruin my Sir Grange?

Absolutely not! Sir Grange also loves the sun!

We have extreme temperatures. How will my Sir Grange cope?

Extreme temperatures are not a problem for Sir Grange. Sir Grange tolerates sub-freezing temperatures right through to high temperatures and humidity.

We're in a really dry area. Will my Sir Grange thrive without much water?

Yes. Of course it will need a little water - it is a living thing! - but it has a very high drought tolerance and requires much less water than most other common turf varieties, making Sir Grange a great choice in our Australian climate.

Is it suitable to my area / project?

Probably! Sir Grange is super robust, beautiful, soft, and perfect for most conditions we can throw at it. Great for homes, golfing fields, nature strips, parks... you name it!

Why does Sir Grange come at a higher price than other varieties?

Aside from all its superior qualities, Sir Grange takes a significantly longer amount of time to farm and grow into its peak condition ready for harvest and delivery to you.


When you receive your Sir Grange through Musturf, it is genetically pure, weed and disease free, and in optimum condition for installation. We won't delivery anything that is less than perfect, and a perfect Sir Grange takes time on the farm.


The good news is, by the time it gets to you, all the hard work, nurturing and waiting time has already been done for you. Plus you'll save a whole lot of time and costs you'd otherwise need to spend on maintenance!


Obligation-free, of course!

What is the 10-year warranty and 100% purity assurance about?

AusGAP Certified & LSA Accredited Grower 

Musturf is a fully accredited turf supplier through AusGAP Certified and a fully accredited turf supplier with Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA).


With every purchase of Sir Grange through Musturf, you're issued with an LSA Product Warranty Certificate and will be covered by LSA's nationwide warranty. This means you can be sure your Sir Grange:

  • is genuine, 100% genetically pure Sir Grange Zoysia grass;
  • has been grown and harvested to strict Australian standards;
  • has been freshly cut off the turf farm;
  • has been inspected on harvest;
  • has been determined to be weed-free;
  • has been determined to be disease-free;
  • will perform to its full potential in its new environment*.

* subject to installation and care conditions.



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