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Why Choose a Musturf

We are trained and experienced in lawn & grass care & maintenance needs. We can be as visible or invisible as your job requires, and we're always professional and courteous.

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Investing in the appearance and eye-catching qualities of your home or property is always worthwhile. Perhaps you are planning to move in the near future, or have just moved into a new home, either way, you are in control of how your home looks and you can, therefore, make a positive first impression if you wish to achieve it.

In business, the appearance of your premises is crucial. Customers, prospective partners and new hires all make judgments that could lead to a promising future, or not.

Turf Supplies for Hunter Valley

At Musturf, we offer turf supplies to Hunter Valley businesses and residential customers alike. With over 17 years experience working in this industry, which we have now funnelled into this business model, we appreciate just how important it is that your home or business premises look their best all year around.

To this end, you can rely on us to supply the preeminent grass varieties available in Australia, all of which are grown on our farm.

A Comprehensive Range of Services & Turf Supplies

In terms of the services we offer, these include:

  • Turf supply: A 10-year LSA product warranty comes with all of the turfs that we grow, harvest and deliver to your property, which is also available for pick up from our farm.
  • Turf installation: Take the hassle out of hiring a separate contractor to lay your turf. Our team will first help you choose the best turf for your project and we will then measure, quote, excavate, prepare the soil, lay the turf and we will even clean up afterwards.
  • Lawn care maintenance: Upkeep is crucial once you have that perfect lawn or green area in place and so with our team you can access the best in lawn repair, weed/pest/disease control, mowing, fertilising, top dressing, edging, and all of this is backed by advice that we have accumulated over almost two decades.
  • Lawn care projects: Those that appreciate a steer in the right direction stand to benefit from asking our team for help when it comes to having the right products to help maintain their lawn.
  • Commercial lawn care: We will help you pick a maintenance program that will ensure your lawn always looks its best.

What’s more, with a wide range of lawn care products available to buy also, which our team has trialled and tested to ensure their quality, here at Musturf, you will find the most comprehensive turf supplies and support Hunter Valley residents have at their disposal.

We believe that it is important that when you need turf quickly you should be able to access it and without having to potentially increase the risk of getting a sub-par product that has little chance of growing once it is in place. As such, we freshly cut the turf that we send to our customers to meet the orders received. This ensures that you receive the freshest grass and soil.

Sustainability Backed by Quality Controls

When you choose Musturf for your turf supplies in Hunter Valley, you also support a business that is committed to sustainable methods and dedicated to strict quality controls to ensure that the turf we supply is of the highest grade.

A free quote is yours to claim today, so why not fill in your details on the site and one of our experts will call you back and help you choose the perfect turf to bring out the best on your property.

Musturf is Sydney's premier turf & grass supplies provider. We provide Stadium Turf, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, Kikuyu grass, Couch grass, Tiftuf grass, just to name a few! We service the Central Coast, Windsor, Newcastle, Wollongong, Hunter Valley and many more locations across NSW.

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Lawn Services

Turf Supply - We grow and supply a range of the highest quality grass varieties suited to every need, every location and every budget. All our turf comes with a 10-year LSA product warranty (subject to installation and care requirements).


Turf Installation - We'll prepare your site, ensure you have the right quality of soil (inspect and excavate and replace where required), re-level and lay your new lawn to the industry's best practice standards.


"All your commercial lawn care demands solved here!"
Commercial Lawn Services - Turf Supply & Installation & Lawn Care Services

Request a commercial lawn quote

Thinking of a Musturf commercial lawn? Tell us what you're looking for and we'll get you back to you in no time!


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Turf & Lawn Supply

We grow and supply a range of the best grasses suited for every area and every budget. All our turf is AusGAP Certified and comes with an LSA 10-year nationwide product warranty.

Turf & Lawn Installation

Laying turf is a laborious art, but we love it! To help you make the most out of your investment we can lay your turf, clean up afterwards, and leave you with easy after-care instructions.

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