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Why Choose Musturf for Your Golf Course or Sporting Field

We're committed to providing the very best service to our customers; and to yours!

Because our turf is grown on our own farms, we can promise to deliver the very best possible quality to you.

  • Musturf is a member of Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA). That means you're connected to a network of the very best turf producers around Australia whose turf varieties and farming and harvesting practices are built around global turf farming best practices.
  • All our turf is AusGAP certified. That means your turf has been regularly assessed during the farming process to has met strict standards, and has been inspected right before it left our farm and certified to be 100% genetically pure, freshly harvested off the farm and weed- and disease- free.
  • Our turf comes with a 10-year LSA warranty. That means we stand behind our promise of the very best quality turf delivered to you.


Golf & Sports Industry Lawn Services

Freshly Harvested Daily

Turf Supply | Freshly Harvested Turf Every Day

Small Rolls

Turf Supply & Delivery | Small Turf Rolls

Maxi Rolls

Turf Supply & Delivery | Maxi Turf Rolls

Washed Turf

Turf Delivery Service - Washed Turf



On-Time Deliveries

Turf Delivery Service | On-Time Turf Delivery Service

Fresh Turf Supply

We can deliver your turf just how you need it: small rolls, maxi rolls, or even turf through our patented Bullseye Instant Real Lawn system. We offer a great range of the highest quality turf varieties suited to every need and every environment. Musturf turf comes with an LSA 10-year product warranty and is AUSGAP approved.


Turf Delivery

Sporting fields have their own unique needs - not just the environment and landscape and deadlines, but of course the type of sport for which it's intended. Musturf staff are trained and experienced in turf and lawn care, and we understand the demands of commercial landscaping work. We're happy to assist you with your decisions and we'll take care of you and your priorities.


Turf Installation

Of course we'll lay your turf for you! We can be as visible or as invisible as you need, we'll work to your deadlines, and we'll always be professional and courteous to your customers. We've got you covered!

"All your sports & recreation lawn needs covered here!"
Commercial Lawn Services - Turf Supply & Installation & Lawn Care Services

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Turf & Lawn Supply

We grow and supply a range of the best grasses suited for every area and every budget. All our turf is AusGAP Certified and comes with an LSA 10-year nationwide product warranty.

Turf & Lawn Installation

Laying turf is a laborious art, but we love it! To help you make the most out of your investment we can lay your turf, clean up afterwards, and leave you with easy after-care instructions.

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