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For lovers of lawn and the outdoors, we bring you the highest quality turf, the best lawn care products, and the most trustworthy and professional lawn care services fully customised to your space and your needs, all at a great price!

Spend your time enjoying your outdoor space instead of maintaining it.

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For landscapers and lawn care specialists, we bring you the opportunity to own your own franchise; with outstanding business infrastructure, training and support to help you grow your own lawn care business.

Isn't it time to enjoy the success of owning your own business?

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Why a Musturf Lawn?

You can trust a Musturf lawn care specialist:

* Fully trained and up-to-date in the hightest standards and best practices in lawn care *

* Passionate about creating only the very best results for our clients *

* Trustworthy and economical *

* Backed by generations of experience in turf farming and lawn care professionals *

Turf Supply &/or Installation

We grow and supply our own turf. We grow and supply our own turf, with the highest quality grass varieties, globally researched and fully tested on Australian soil and in our Australian climate.

We can help you choose the right turf type for your landscape and needs, grown and harvested to stringent standards, freshly cut and free of weeds and disease on delivery and installation.

We can supply the turf to you, or we can do the whole job for you - all to best practice standards. We'll measure and order, remove existing vegetation, excavate, prepare the soil, lay the turf, and clean up after ourselves. Then we'll hand over our easy care instructions, and you're ready to go!

Lawn Care Services

From special projects to general maintenance, your Musturf lawn care specialist has the tools and the expertise! We'll look after mowing, edging, top dressing, fertilising, lawn repair, weeds, pests and diseases. We'll provide timely advice and solutions for amazing outdoor experiences.

We can create a custom lawn maintenance program designed around your lawn and your needs. Or we can take care of your special projects like lawn repair programs when your lawn's health is struggling, or give your lawn a beautiful new makeover and groom for those special occasions.

Give us a call, send us an email, or make an enquiry right here. You can talk to a Musturf lawn care specialist about all your lawn and gardening needs, and of course, all of your lawn concerns. We guarantee you'll always received the very best advice from your Musturf lawn care specialist! 

Commercial Lawns

From supply to lawn care, we do it all. We have lawn care specialists trained and experienced in commercial lawn maintenance. From property common area lawns (residential and commercial) to road verges, clubs, sports fields and parks, we understand the demands of a commercial job.

We provide economical lawn maintenance programs customised to your needs. We'll take care of regular check-ups, mowing, edging, top-dressing, fertilising, lawn repair, weed, pest and disease control, along with great advice and solutions to your lawn concerns.

Our lawn care services are the peak of quality, we can be as visible - or invisible! - as you need, and we're always professional and courteous. Put your lawns in the hands of your Musturf commercial lawn care specialist, and tick that off your To Do List forever!

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Our Services

Here's what a Musturf lawn care specialist can do for you!

Turf Installation

We can help you decide which is the right variety of turf for your needs and your area. We'll measure and quote, excavate the area, prepare your soil, lay your turf, and clean up afterwards!

Lawn Care Maintenance

We'll maintain your lawn with everything it needs to be healthy and stay beautiful. Mowing, edging, top dressing, fertilising, lawn repair, weed, pest and disease control, advice, solutions. Everything.

Lawn Care Projects

Got a special occasion coming up? Selling up and need a lawn makeover for prospective buyers? We'll come out and make that lawn the envy of all your guests and visitors!

Lawn Emergency Services

If your lawn is looking unhealthy or you're worried about pests, weeds, disease and long-term or permanent damage, we can help diagnose the problem, recommend solutions, and fix it!

Commercial Lawn Care

Responsible for maintaining lawns on properties, fields or other land? Choose a Musturf commercial lawn care maintenance program covering everything your lawn needs to stay... well, perfect!

Lawn Care Products

"Oils ain't oils" and neither are all lawn care products. We can help you choose the very best in lawn care products that are right for your lawn type, your area and environment, and any other unique lawn condition. 

The Australian Dream
Recent Lawn Care Projects

Check out some of our latest work from the Musturf lawn care teams!


"Everyone we dealt was wonderful, thorough and kept us informed. Highly recommend Musturf. A very professional company that was a pleasure to deal with."


Replaced an old Kikuyu lawn with a lovely Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo. Removed existing vegetation, rejuvenated existing soil by rotary hoe and organic fertiliser. Amazing results for the owners!


Beautiful newly renovated home required compacted soil removed, an organic underlay installed, supply and installation of Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn.

Very happy customer!


Replaced an old Couch lawn with Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, removing clay-based soil and installing Turfgro organic underlay. Client was so happy he asked council to do the same with his road verge!


Removed dying Kikuyu lawn, rejuvenated existing soil by rotary hoe and organic fertilisers, supplied and laid Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn. Client's loving their transformed front lawn living space!


A new backyard landscape needed a robust turf suitable for play and shade. Laid Turfgro organic underlay underneath a lovely Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn.

Beautiful outdoor family living!


This beautiful home needed a little outdoor love when its lawn died. Part-shade, part-sun, we replaced it with a robust Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo - now it's ready for anything! 


Transformed a sandy patch of hard-soil land into a beautiful family sanctuary with some serious soil preparation, organic fertiliser, and a shade-tolerant Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo.


There's nothing much more relaxing than fresh air and Aussie earth and lawn for young minds, so we loved filling this outdoor space for Sydney Uni students with Palmetto Buffalo.


Greening up the City is one of those feel-good jobs so it was no wonder we had a full team out on site this day. Happy client and a happy public. Big job, big feels!


Making the road verge (council strip) match the adjacent property owner's new front lawn Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo was a fun add-on and final touch.


School shoes & lunch time games will take their toll! We replaced this primary school's receding & dying lawn with a hearty Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo. Happy learning, happy playing, future gen! 

What People Are Saying

From start to finish, anyone we dealt with from Musturf were just wonderful. From the first phone call they were thorough and gave us an estimate, and then someone came out almost immediately to have a look and measure and the final quote was not too far out from the initial estimate. They kept us informed through the whole process and it all went along without a hitch.

We would highly recommend Musturf. A very professional company that was a pleasure to deal with.

Mike & Maria Lahm

Narraweena NSW

Our new Sir Walter lawn is looking fantastic thanks to your expert preparation and laying.

In just two weeks it was cemented to the underlay with a vibrant green colour with lots of water in 30 degree temps. We did exactly what you to us to do. We have already mowed once and it is growing beautifully. 

We love the lawn!

Don & Helen Taylor

Hurstville NSW

We are so delighted with our Sir Walter Buffalo turf! Choosing Musturf to supply and install our turf was a very smart choice. We were delighted with the quality of turf and work, and it has grown and become the showpiece in our backyard. It was a pleasure to work with Musturf with their 'can do' attitude and persistence and patience: they ensured the most suitable variety of turf was chosen and the right quantity ordered.

We were so impressed by the skill, service and support provided that we are constantly recommending Musturf to everyone.

Chris & Jane Downward


We especially appreciated the drop in call from Musturf the other day, it's hard to get any better service than that! He inspected our new lawn, answered all of our questions and really put our mind at ease.

Please pass on our thanks, and thanks to you too for taking the time and care to follow up so quickly.



Just a quick note to say how delighted we are with our beautiful new Sir Walter lawn. I must say that dealing with your company has been an unexpected pleasure. From the first phone call to the laying of our Sir Walter, we have been impressed by the friendly, helpful, professional service and the quality of grass and skill we received.

We will be recommending Musturf to friends, family and colleagues.


Penrith NSW

Wanted to send a short note to thank you on your superior service. I've used Musturf twice and both times the service has been outstanding - from pre-delivery calls to confirm all order and delivery details, arriving on time, clean and neat working, quality of turf and skills, telephone assistance, follow-up calls.

This is a great service model and I'm sure it is appreciated by all your customers. I wish all companies operated this way! 


NSW Landscaper

Our new turf was laid on the day it was cut fresh from the turf farm and already had visible signs of growth! Thanks to all the help and advice I received and patience answering all my questions. I'll be recommending Musturf to anyone who asks.



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